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February 13, 2006

Sony VAIO laptop boot problem

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I’ve got this Sony VAIO laptop – a 3.5 year old model PCG-GRX 560 – which I suspect is about to expire.

About mid-’05 it started having boot problems – wouldn’t “POST” unless I smartly tapped it underneath…

Came across a discussion topic online which helped – many other people have been complaining of similar problems with their VAIOs – looks like one of the two RAM slots is bad!

I added a second 256 MB DDR333 SoDIMM chip to the 256 MB PC2100 one already there, now it would boot all the time, just wouldn’t show 512 MB – unless I did the pre-boot slapping ritual.

I then booted up while pressing down on the bad RAM slot, and it shows 512. So I just jammed in a small piece of folded paper so that the covering plate would keep the chip pressed down all the time. Tested again, it boots up fine all the time now :-)

One thing mentioned on the discussion thread – some cases where the CPU got fried a while after people did the press-down-on-RAM thing, I just hope it lasts long enough til Windows Vista comes out and I can buy a new laptop and/or desktop that works well with it.


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