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May 22, 2007

Bug # 1 For Ubuntu Linux

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I just came across Bug # 1 for Ubuntu Linux on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog and it gave me a good laugh. See


May 14, 2007

Is Microsoft preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users?

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A number of posts on blogs and tech sites today;

Microsoft has mentioned that Linux and other FOSS infringes upon over 200 of their patents. CEO Steve Ballmer has broached the subject earlier as well.

Are they preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users for royalties/licensing fees to earn additional revenue?

I wonder what will be the response of various governments and OSS friendly companies should Microsoft go on the offensive.

I hope any evil plans Microsoft has end up like SCO’s :)

See Scobleizer and Engadget

PS: Microsoft’s “Live” branding, especially when spelled backwards, is “Evil” !

PPS: Here’s a post that says Microsoft is not going to sue…

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