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October 18, 2009

I voted.

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I voted for the first time a few months ago to elect an MP. On Tuesday October 13th voting was for MLAs and I voted again. The first time I cast my vote for an independent which I now feel was a waste. This time around I voted for Congress. Not because I wanted to vote for the party or for the local candidate. I voted for Rahul Gandhi, son of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Indelibly Inked.

Indelibly Inked.

I’ve decided to start voting now so that my vote contributes to the party’s strength and popularity which in turn should serve as a foundation for young Rahul if and when he chooses to run for PM. I am hoping in about ten years’ time this will become a reality. Obama’s victory in the US with his “Yes We Can” battle cry has inspired me where just a few years ago I would avoid politics like the plague. I believe since Rahul has lived and studied abroad from a very young age and has the backing of the Gandhi dynasty he has the best chance to infuse a global mindset into the current sorry political landscape, not to mention his youth icon status which could inspire more of us out there. Sure there are criticisms – there is deep corruption at all levels of public and private enterprise – but one can hope. So, ten years is what I’m going to be looking along to see how things turn out for the world’s largest (and very peaceful) democracy. Wherever you are, I hope you too will consider exercising your right to be heard via your vote, if you think like I did just a little while ago. Your vote counts and can make a difference – so please do cast your vote whenever you can.


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  1. Mmmm… I too avoid politics like plague. I am not a stern supporter of any parties. In fact, whenever I thought that a party is better, soon I will stand corrected.

    Yes, it is our duty to cast vote and be the part of democracy. But I believe in democracy every one has a voice. I do have the voice that this current democracy is not exactly what I want. I know all these politicians are there to loot. There is corruption at every single level and no body is permanent friend or enemy in politics.

    When I can see people like Phoolen Devi getting elected, I cannot help what is happening. It is probably because people like me don’t vote that often. I just hate politics and politicians and don’t want to do anything with them. That is my vote. I believe this great democracy will give me the freedom to that.

    Having said that, I have started realizing something new – the desire to vote. I am not sure whether my single vote will help, but I cannot keep seeing the wrong people getting selected every time. I sincerely wish a new beginning and vision has to be there in the politics. Minimum education and capability should be mandatory. But you cannot force that. Only people can force that through proper votes. I hope, I will soon be a part of democracy like you.

    Comment by Aneesh — October 20, 2009 @ 4:42 am | Reply

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