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October 4, 2007

India’s broadband woes – is TRAI the culprit?

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There was an e-mail posted to a mailing list I’m subscribed to which asked for server co-location options in India. The poster mentioned a Reliance executive claimed that TRAI (India’s telecom regulatory authority) was controlling the minimum sale price of bandwidth!

I haven’t been able to locate any sources (TRAI website, PDFs etc.) to confirm whether or not this is true, but if it is then it’s a shame, and a shock to me, that TRAI is the cause of India’s currently poor broadband situation.

The poster mentioned the Reliance executive also stated that they would have done for the broadband market what they and other telecom companies have done for the mobile telephony market, which is vibrant competition and dirt cheap prices.

On the other hand, I have the impression (not from personal experience, but from others’) that you simply cannot rely on Reliance, so the executive’s claim may not be true.

Another person on the mailing list, in reply to my follow-up questions, suggested that even though TRAI may not be explicitly controlling minimum pricing, their narrow-minded licensing policies, which has entry fees and a percentage of revenues as license fees among other things, serve as a barrier for providers reducing bandwidth prices and spurring the growth and adoption of broadband in India to be on par with international levels.


August 29, 2007

A Microsoft Update

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I’ve just got a couple of things to mention here:

MS is campaigning for it’s OOXML (Office Open XML) file format to become an ISO standard. I believe India recently voted (or plans to vote) against it. I too think it (the format not the vote) sucks, I hope OpenOffice‘s ODF (OpenDocument Format) becomes popular and MS is eventually forced to support it and, who knows, maybe even drop OOXML . See

I’ve been a fan of Windows since Windows 95 (can’t say the same for their other software) and I also think Windows Vista was released before it was ready. There are so many issues cropping up such as this network-slowdown-with-audio-playback problem. I’m just waiting for Service Pack 1 to be released which I hope will improve quality. I’m encouraged by things such as this awesome blog post by Mark Russinovich who’s the guy that brought us the SysInternals tools and is now working for MS. People like Mark keep me believing that not all MS employees are retards that just like to spread anti-Linux and anti-FOSS FUD.

I’d like to time my purchase of a new desktop and/or laptop/tablet PC with Vista being stable enough.

May 14, 2007

Is Microsoft preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users?

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A number of posts on blogs and tech sites today;

Microsoft has mentioned that Linux and other FOSS infringes upon over 200 of their patents. CEO Steve Ballmer has broached the subject earlier as well.

Are they preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users for royalties/licensing fees to earn additional revenue?

I wonder what will be the response of various governments and OSS friendly companies should Microsoft go on the offensive.

I hope any evil plans Microsoft has end up like SCO’s :)

See Scobleizer and Engadget

PS: Microsoft’s “Live” branding, especially when spelled backwards, is “Evil” !

PPS: Here’s a post that says Microsoft is not going to sue…

November 29, 2006

City Of Joy, Beasts Of Burden

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News of the impending ban of hand-pulled rickshaws (on humanitarian grounds) in the city of Kolkata (Calcutta) in India appeared on local cable news channels. It’s a bill in the West Bengal state assembly.

Can you imagine? We’re in the twenty first century and we still have this around.

The online article is here.

February 25, 2006

Hollywood “via” Bollywood

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Why do I keep breaking my promise to myself to avoid watching Bollywood (Hindi) movies? When will I learn that pretty much every one of these movies I’ve seen has plagiarised content? And the ones I’ve watched and/or don’t know about… well, I don’t know yet whether or not they’re rip-offs.


February 13, 2006

Broadband India

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I’d been hankering for broadband until I finally got it a year ago. BSNL‘s 512 kbps “DataOne” with a 5 GB per month data transfer limit (up and down!) is not really broadband, but it’s a start. (more…)

Sony VAIO laptop boot problem

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I’ve got this Sony VAIO laptop – a 3.5 year old model PCG-GRX 560 – which I suspect is about to expire.

About mid-’05 it started having boot problems – wouldn’t “POST” unless I smartly tapped it underneath…

Came across a discussion topic online which helped – many other people have been complaining of similar problems with their VAIOs – looks like one of the two RAM slots is bad! (more…)

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