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January 26, 2010

Linux kernel ATA dmesg errors with Crucial M225 SSD

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One-line executive summary: If you face slowness, hangs, filesystem corruption and/or lots of dmesg errors about ata try adding ” libata.force=noncq ” to your linux kernel boot options.

I recently bought a Crucial branded 128 GB solid state disk (SSD) model CT128M225 of the M225 range because they’re the hot new thing to get.

The disk would work well with my copy of Windows 7 RC but to my dismay Linux would spew a lot of disk error messages as you can see here:



October 4, 2007

India’s broadband woes – is TRAI the culprit?

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There was an e-mail posted to a mailing list I’m subscribed to which asked for server co-location options in India. The poster mentioned a Reliance executive claimed that TRAI (India’s telecom regulatory authority) was controlling the minimum sale price of bandwidth!

I haven’t been able to locate any sources (TRAI website, PDFs etc.) to confirm whether or not this is true, but if it is then it’s a shame, and a shock to me, that TRAI is the cause of India’s currently poor broadband situation.

The poster mentioned the Reliance executive also stated that they would have done for the broadband market what they and other telecom companies have done for the mobile telephony market, which is vibrant competition and dirt cheap prices.

On the other hand, I have the impression (not from personal experience, but from others’) that you simply cannot rely on Reliance, so the executive’s claim may not be true.

Another person on the mailing list, in reply to my follow-up questions, suggested that even though TRAI may not be explicitly controlling minimum pricing, their narrow-minded licensing policies, which has entry fees and a percentage of revenues as license fees among other things, serve as a barrier for providers reducing bandwidth prices and spurring the growth and adoption of broadband in India to be on par with international levels.

February 13, 2006

Broadband India

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I’d been hankering for broadband until I finally got it a year ago. BSNL‘s 512 kbps “DataOne” with a 5 GB per month data transfer limit (up and down!) is not really broadband, but it’s a start. (more…)

It’s a material world

The wait for Windows Vista is driving me nuts! I’m waiting for the “next wave” of hardware and price drops to come out so I can go on a shopping spree. (more…)

3GSM World Congress

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The 2006 3GSM World Congress is on now (13-16 Feb ’06). Found out (and reading) about it on MobileWhack.

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