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December 29, 2007

Microsoft’s Channel 9 revisited

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It’s been a while since I visited Microsoft’s Channel 9 website and watched any of the videos. There was a recent video of Mark Russinovich which made me go back and browse for new stuff.



October 4, 2007

Microsoft “opens” .NET source code – is it a trap?

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Read this post on Microsoft-Watch and this post on EWeek.

What do you think?

I wonder if some Microsoft employees will blog about this and try to explain it away :-)

October 2, 2007

Hardware And Software Bonanza Coming Up

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A bunch of new GNU/Linux distributions’ releases are coming up and will coincide with my plans to buy a new desktop and a new tablet PC for home use.

OpenSuse 10.3 is coming October 4th, Ubuntu 7.10 (codename: Gutsy Gibbon) is coming October 18th and Fedora 8 is coming November 8th. I plan to install and play with each one and decide on which distro to settle. My current preference is Ubuntu even though I like KDE better than GNOME. I’m currently running Ubuntu “Gutsy” Beta on my home desktop and “Feisty Fawn” (Ubuntu 7.04) on my work desktop and am very impressed with things.


The Case Of The Failed File Copy

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I read this new blog post by Sysinternals’/Microsoft’s Mark Russinovich today about a file copy failure in Windows Vista. It’s not as “sensational” as, say, the File Open Dialog Delay or the Audio Networking Slowdown but it’s still interesting.


Plus, again, he’s not done with just posting a blog entry, he’s going to follow up with the Windows developers to get them to fix/improve things in Vista.  Much appreciated!

If you’re a regular blog reader then Mark’s Blog should definitely be on your blogroll :-)

August 29, 2007

A Microsoft Update

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I’ve just got a couple of things to mention here:

MS is campaigning for it’s OOXML (Office Open XML) file format to become an ISO standard. I believe India recently voted (or plans to vote) against it. I too think it (the format not the vote) sucks, I hope OpenOffice‘s ODF (OpenDocument Format) becomes popular and MS is eventually forced to support it and, who knows, maybe even drop OOXML . See

I’ve been a fan of Windows since Windows 95 (can’t say the same for their other software) and I also think Windows Vista was released before it was ready. There are so many issues cropping up such as this network-slowdown-with-audio-playback problem. I’m just waiting for Service Pack 1 to be released which I hope will improve quality. I’m encouraged by things such as this awesome blog post by Mark Russinovich who’s the guy that brought us the SysInternals tools and is now working for MS. People like Mark keep me believing that not all MS employees are retards that just like to spread anti-Linux and anti-FOSS FUD.

I’d like to time my purchase of a new desktop and/or laptop/tablet PC with Vista being stable enough.

May 22, 2007

Bug # 1 For Ubuntu Linux

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I just came across Bug # 1 for Ubuntu Linux on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog and it gave me a good laugh. See

May 14, 2007

Is Microsoft preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users?

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A number of posts on blogs and tech sites today;

Microsoft has mentioned that Linux and other FOSS infringes upon over 200 of their patents. CEO Steve Ballmer has broached the subject earlier as well.

Are they preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users for royalties/licensing fees to earn additional revenue?

I wonder what will be the response of various governments and OSS friendly companies should Microsoft go on the offensive.

I hope any evil plans Microsoft has end up like SCO’s :)

See Scobleizer and Engadget

PS: Microsoft’s “Live” branding, especially when spelled backwards, is “Evil” !

PPS: Here’s a post that says Microsoft is not going to sue…

November 12, 2006

Its Time For Microsoft Windows Vista

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Tons of places where this was announced:

Microsoft’s Jim Allchin says simply, its time
Now I can’t wait for new hardware to show up!

It’s been almost six years since the last release (of Windows XP), lots of interesting technologies in here.

PS: Microsoft is also making virtualisation (Virtual PC 2007) free!

February 24, 2006

Instant Messenger and E-Mail Etiquette (and Flamewars)

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Saw this post on the “mobile help” (John Kennedy) blog. Doesn’t mention those cute emoticons. ;-p
The comments has a link to some 25 e-mail etiquette rules.

Reminded me of a recent article on why flamewars happen.

February 16, 2006

Writing horror

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I saw the getting into coding horror post which points you to that blog. The latest post there is Fear of Writing which points you to some writing tips and hints for revising.

I knew I was being extra-Latinate with a title like “cogito ergo vagus” hehe. I think I’ll keep teh t1t1e 4 n0w.

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