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August 29, 2007

A Microsoft Update

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I’ve just got a couple of things to mention here:

MS is campaigning for it’s OOXML (Office Open XML) file format to become an ISO standard. I believe India recently voted (or plans to vote) against it. I too think it (the format not the vote) sucks, I hope OpenOffice‘s ODF (OpenDocument Format) becomes popular and MS is eventually forced to support it and, who knows, maybe even drop OOXML . See

I’ve been a fan of Windows since Windows 95 (can’t say the same for their other software) and I also think Windows Vista was released before it was ready. There are so many issues cropping up such as this network-slowdown-with-audio-playback problem. I’m just waiting for Service Pack 1 to be released which I hope will improve quality. I’m encouraged by things such as this awesome blog post by Mark Russinovich who’s the guy that brought us the SysInternals tools and is now working for MS. People like Mark keep me believing that not all MS employees are retards that just like to spread anti-Linux and anti-FOSS FUD.

I’d like to time my purchase of a new desktop and/or laptop/tablet PC with Vista being stable enough.


February 16, 2006

Introducing the 2007 Microsoft Office System

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Saw this blog post today… Yep, Office “12” is now officially Office 2007!

Press materials at

February 15, 2006

Impress people with your mouseless command of Microsoft Office

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This post on the Office UI blog has a time-saving compilation of resources for keyboard shortcuts.

“Now you’re ready to impress friends, family and co-workers with your mouseless command of Office.”

You’ll also be prepared for that day in office when all the mouses/mice stop working…

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