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July 26, 2009

The Road to KDE and Qt Development

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I’ve previously blogged about my very brief encounters with open source development here and here.

Recently I came across the following blog posts on Planet KDE which inspired me to write this blog post:

Road to KDE devland Step 0
Road to KDE devland Step 1
Road to KDE devland Step 2



May 16, 2009

You gotta love Free software

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Ever since Windows 7 and KDE 4.2 were available I started placing my taskbar vertically to the left of my widescreen LCD. On Windows 7 it works and looks great but on KDE 4.2 the running application icons are of a small size and the title text is hardly visible with only a couple of letters being shown as you can see in the following screenshot.

Less than perfect

Less than perfect

I couldn’t find a setting in KDE to change it and even posted a suggestion to the KDE Brainstorm forum section. But this was really annoying me. What if they reject the suggestion? What to do in the mean time anyway?

November 7, 2007

My first GPL code

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I’d been using this multi-protocol chat program called Miranda which is for Windows and is open source. It has a nice plugin called “Webaware” which allows you to store your current chat status on your website so you can display it on your webpages.

Recently another piece of open source software which is also cross platform called GAIM was renamed to Pidgin and got a lot of publicity so I thought to try it out. It’s a fun/cute program and I decided to move to it especially since the same program works on Windows as well as Linux. The only problem was that there wasn’t (or I couldn’t find) a similar plugin as Miranda’s Webaware which was a bummer for me.

So I tried to write a Pidgin plugin myself which would do the same work as the Miranda Webaware plugin. I thought why not just make it open source, and thus came about my first bit of GPL code! I’d previously never really done programming at home, just at work, and as Larry Augustin (VA Linux Systems founder) said in the movie Revolution OS I felt that tremendous sense of empowerment working with open source :-)

It feels good being able to easily download powerful software to which you have access to the source code. I started off by reading the C plugin HOWTO and using the helloworld.c plugin as a guide to write my own plugin called webaware.c. I later needed an easy way to do FTP uploads of my chat status data and someone suggested I use cURL library which I indeed found to be useful. The compilation was failing for me and I quickly realised I needed to provide double-quotes to the echo calls in the lib’s MinGW32 makefile and off it went.

I had earlier compiled the plugin on openSUSE Linux which came with all the tools already. This week I thought to try compiling on Windows to test that it worked on both platforms. This involved downloading software such as Cygwin, MinGW and a bunch of others which is really a pleasure to not be restricted by “free” versions or the prohibitive costs of commercial tools.

I get to do fun stuff at work but it’s been a blast actually working with open source at home. The plugin resides at , and as they say, “it works for me” ™ !

Well, Happy Diwali!

November 4, 2007

Synergy2 – cross platform screen, keyboard and mouse sharing

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Today I tried out this fun software called Synergy which is open source (GPL) and cross platform. It’s for virtual screen, keyboard and mouse sharing.

See the Synergy2 SourceForge webpage for more information about it.

It took about 15 minutes to download, install, configure and run on three devices, a Windows XP desktop as the “server” (called blackbird) placed on the left side, a tablet PC with openSUSE Linux (called silverbird) placed in the middle and an Ubuntu laptop (called vaiobird) on the right. I believe it works with Windows Vista as well. Real nifty and a cool toy to play with! :)


I just had to manually add the positioning information to the config file’s links section as follows:

section: links
right = silverbird
left = blackbird
right = vaiobird
left = silverbird

October 4, 2007

Microsoft “opens” .NET source code – is it a trap?

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Read this post on Microsoft-Watch and this post on EWeek.

What do you think?

I wonder if some Microsoft employees will blog about this and try to explain it away :-)

October 2, 2007

Hardware And Software Bonanza Coming Up

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A bunch of new GNU/Linux distributions’ releases are coming up and will coincide with my plans to buy a new desktop and a new tablet PC for home use.

OpenSuse 10.3 is coming October 4th, Ubuntu 7.10 (codename: Gutsy Gibbon) is coming October 18th and Fedora 8 is coming November 8th. I plan to install and play with each one and decide on which distro to settle. My current preference is Ubuntu even though I like KDE better than GNOME. I’m currently running Ubuntu “Gutsy” Beta on my home desktop and “Feisty Fawn” (Ubuntu 7.04) on my work desktop and am very impressed with things.


May 22, 2007

Bug # 1 For Ubuntu Linux

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I just came across Bug # 1 for Ubuntu Linux on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog and it gave me a good laugh. See

May 14, 2007

Is Microsoft preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users?

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A number of posts on blogs and tech sites today;

Microsoft has mentioned that Linux and other FOSS infringes upon over 200 of their patents. CEO Steve Ballmer has broached the subject earlier as well.

Are they preparing to sue Linux/FOSS users for royalties/licensing fees to earn additional revenue?

I wonder what will be the response of various governments and OSS friendly companies should Microsoft go on the offensive.

I hope any evil plans Microsoft has end up like SCO’s :)

See Scobleizer and Engadget

PS: Microsoft’s “Live” branding, especially when spelled backwards, is “Evil” !

PPS: Here’s a post that says Microsoft is not going to sue…

February 14, 2006


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I recently installed RSSBandit (“news aggregator”) and subscribed to a bunch of blogs (RSS Feeds) and saw a blog post today about the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society‘s OSSWIN CD. (more…)

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